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Stage Beauty

You may remember me writing an appreciation post of Hugh Bonneville a week or two ago, well both slythy and josiemccoy told me he was good in Stage Beauty. Funnily enough, when Jez was driving Nick and I to the beach on Friday I saw that Stage Beauty was screening at the local third run theatre! Either complete coincidence or someone up there loveth me. So naturally I went to see it. How could I not?

I liked it. It was complex, and required a certain measure of suspension of disbelief, but it was also well constructed and had some great performances from a really interesting cast. Billy Crudup almost had the English accent perfect at some points and almost didn't have it at all at others. I tend to think one should always either be consistently good, or if you can't manage that - consistently bad... not sometimes one and sometimes the other. I can see why Shakespeare in Love was mentioned in association with the film, but it also reminded me of this other very odd film I saw with Ben Kingsley and Mira Sorvino that I forget the name of... which after IMDb search reveals itself to be The Triumph of Love. When stage and film meet the results are often bizarre. Luckily Stage Beauty isn't quite as bizarre as The Triumph of Love.

And Hugh was lovely. He's the master of the fumblebumble character you can't hope but think is adorable like a teddy bear. But if you think he's really like that all of the time, check out Grandcourt in Daniel Deronda. Eeep!

I'm not obsessed.

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