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I've been doing this for... almost 3 years now.
I didn't have an LJ at first.
In the very beginning, there was a simple HTML page I'd update manually.
Then, there was a blogger blog at blogspot (which those narks have deleted!?!)
After that the Riddle Diaries threads on CoS came and I couldn't be bothered to keep going with my "blog".
Now it is this LJ, with all my CoSForums friends and others I have made along the way.
I really value this. I would never have updated a journal this consistently if it hadn't been for the wonderful world of the internet.

Time for the first ever online diary post of Loz...

Friday 25th January 2002


I have have had what seems like 6780 drinks as it is incredibly hot and I have been incredibly thirsty. These drinks were: Apple Juice (yummm), Apple and Berry Mineral Water (double yum), Lemonade, Coke and Plain Old Water.

I have eaten a packet of cheese and onion crisps (or 'chips', depending where you're from), a banana and an apple (in no particular order...the heat stifles one's appetite)

Today I decided to update my website, it had been sadly neglected for a year. I have had a website since the age of 16 and decided that just because I was now 18, I shouldn't go back on time honoured traditions. Actually, it's more because my Californian friend Keith asked if I were ever going to update my website just the other day, but I *had* been thinking about it! Apart from that I've done what Ozzies and Brits call "Bugga All" (and yes that misspelling is deliberate). I endured another half hour of the Jamie Foxx show, my favourite actor was supposed to make a guest appearance. The problem is I don't know which episode, or even season he appeared in, and have spent all last summer and part of this summer watching a show I dislike, just for that one glimpse. The season finishes on Tuesday and I have not seen him, I've concluded he is either in the current U.S season or an earlier season and resigned myself to GIVE UP!

I also listened to the new Killing Heidi song "Heaven Sent". Killing Heidi is a very talented Ozzie band who could be best described as Alternative, however over here "Alternative" is more like "Popular" music.


I've just spent the last hour and a quarter building my website. Gee I'm thirsty, I'm just gonna get another drink, k?


Hmmm appley goodness,... that was nice! Well I s'pose I better get back to it. I've done the links page, figured the music page will have to wait a while, so many lyrics need organising and spell checking, and now I'm on to the TV page. Ack. Why did I choose to do this today?


Woohooo, just finished.. now I have to upload everything, I sure hope it works (grumble grumble).

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