Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

2005 Resolutions

To be as happy as I can - contributed by ainegriffin
To spend more money - contributed by meli_64
Take over the world as its supreme ruler - contributed by torins
Get a job - contributed by catatonicc

Any other takers?

I guess I'll lay some down for myself, though all of these are great.

1. Rock my Teaching Practicum
2. Meet personable cute boy who actually is interested in me (and doesn't just make sweet statements backed up with no emails back... grrr arg)
3. Get Futurama Season 4 on DVD
4. And the rest of Buffy and Angel.
5. Have more things to fall back on than good TV shows though.
6. More obsessions (so's I can say I actually got one of my resolutions right again).


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