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And now she lives in Heaven...

So, I keep having these recurring dreams...

They involve me being an object of anger for all of these different people every night. These people get furious at me for things I do or say and spend the next lot of the dream-thing saying nasty things to me. Thing is, they're very odd people.

The first time I had the dream/nightmare (they're not scary but they're sure as hell not pleasant), it was Brett. This one made me wake up feeling very low. Then the other night, the dream was back and this time it was Jerry O'Connell (what the?) and then last night it was the Phelps twins (they play Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter films)??? There's also been my parents (well that was relatively normal), Madeline (also, not too surprising, hah) Leslie Nielsen (once again - huh?) and various other people.

Now perhaps my anger at myself for various things is manifesting itself as people I watch on tv and people I know in real life. But it's still odd.

Any other ideas?

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