Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Prisoner and things...

I got Prisoner of Azkaban for Christmas by my lovely younger brother.

I've just been watching the "hilarious" interviews with the Shrunken Head. Hmm, yeah. That was a mistake I think. It's badly timed, and awkward, and it just doesn't work. I haven't finished them anyway... some more fun for tomorrow.

However, the thing I've found myself thinking the most is; "they're not even Harry Potter fans!"

You know, I think that's a bit of a flaw. I think Rupert actually was, wasn't he, before he went to audition for Ron. But the others? They'd read a little bit of the first book or some such thing. This is including the adults. Now I don't expect them to know every tiny detail, or even to theorise to the silly extent some do - but a little bit of fandom wouldn't go amiss. It just depresses me a little, I guess.

I was surprised the Phelps twins naturally have dark hair. I'd always actually thought they were blonde and then went red. Hmm.

I got great Christmas presents. Angel Season 4 (Seasons 1, 2 and 3 were out of stock apparently!), a cook book, some skincare products, Buffy Season 4 Part 2 and chocolates :)

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