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Before I get into the deep analysis it's time for me to whinge and scream about BsG 2004 not airing again until January 3rd! SHITE! I was counting on this show to entertain me for the next couple of weeks!

On the whole this episode amused me. It's one of those episodes which masks the deeper implications under more lighthearted material. In short, an episode after my own heart. It had fine acting, where the smallest quirk of an eyebrow or tensing of the jaw produces a profound reaction, and also some cleverly played moments of dialogue. I especially liked the exchanges between Lee, Laura and Bill. Lee was used well in this episode, and of course I was more than happy to see him back.

If I were to fault this episode it would be that absolutely nothing was resolved. We still don't know if Tigh's wife is a Cylon (I really do think she is). We don't know that the Commander, Laura or Lee aren't Cylons either (I really don't think they are). We still suspect Ellen will screw with Tigh's mind, whether she's Cylon or not, and his alcohol drinking habits too. Gaius may just pass everyone through, meaning still that anyone could be a Cylon. What is with Gaius? He fracks me off.

This episode did nothing to answer questions on the Galactica - but it is now very apparent that Caprica-Boomer is going against her orders for the love of Helo, which shows great promise really.

Good episode. Better than the last. I enjoyed it immensely. It made me think, entertained my thoughts, but it also made me laugh. Call me low-brow if you want, but I think that's something missing from other episodes - humour. Yes, it's a horrible situation, but that doesn't mean you have to depress us quite that much. Get us laughing once or twice an episode please. It's what makes truly brilliant drama.

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