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Let there be love...


Sansenmage is someone I met through LJ! A fellow Hornblower fan, I actually think she added me first, which brought a smile to my face. If I'm mistaken and I added her first, it was probably because I absolutely adore her drabbles at hh100. She's also liberal with the comments. Sansenmage got me into Sharpe! And we share a love of Weezer! We have a lot in common, actually. It's always lovely reading her comments and Livejournal posts because she always makes me think, giggle (unless being serious) and respond. Sansenmage is a fantastic writer, whether that be fiction, LJ posts or just chatting. She's knowledgable, cultured and oh so amusing! Not to mention she's really caring and helpful too. She has fantastic taste, and I feel very lucky to be able to have got to know her. I don't think she knows how much I value her as a friend.

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