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Let there be wind, occasional rain...


Hey, I wrote a lot about what I thought of this lovely young lady when I nominated her for fan club! Poopinskipoodle (difficult to spell, fun to say), who may also be called by the names Mad Macca or Jess/Jesso/Jessosaurus, is one of the most fun and amusing people I know. She always knows how to cheer people up and put a smile on their face, and she constantly brightens the world with her energy and enthusiasm. She is also really caring, has a good head on her shoulders, has amazing potential to achieve whatever she sets her mind on - and is someone I think should be taken more seriously on occasion (because it's ever so easy to think she's always crazy all the time). Jess is conscientious and kind, broad knowledged - and has the best taste in music! I, like many other people, love Jess!

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