Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Before I spread the love...

I have to say there's this loser on the Battlestar Galactica 2004 imdb message board who's really narking me off.

He's an utter idiot. Really. He keeps going on about how the show is a "molestation" of the original, how it's a snub to Larson (who is the original creator of BsG and a consulting producer on the new show), how it's terrible that Starbuck was reimagined as a female character (he refers to her, in an extraordinarily sexist way, as StarCHICK). He's even complained that Jamie/Lee "Apollo" Adama is crap compared to Hatch's portrayal of his perfect Apollo, completely ignoring they're essentially different characters in many respects. He goes on, and on, about the same things, and links to (the few) negative reviews.

I just want to shove this boy's head down a toilet. He hasn't watched the new series (shock, horror - though to be fair he's in America), he refers to himself as if he speaks for all TOS fans (hey! I liked the original show too!) he doesn't listen to reason - and for weeks - since it started on Sky One, he has come and posted unfounded and pointless complaints about the program. Constantly talking about a "backlash" - which hasn't occurred in Britain, so why would America be that much more different?

Now I have reservations about BsG2004. I've said - it isn't anywhere near perfect. It needs some more humour, it could do with a little less repetition, and I haven't been bowled over by every episode. But I'm giving it a chance - I'm looking at the positives. I'm taking the time to assess for myself what I think.

This guy just posts utter biased and uninformed rubbish. What a wanker.

There. I needed to say that here, because if I said it on the board I'd get told off. :)

And just to confirm - I like the show in its own right, I've not been afraid to write bad reviews for things with my favourite actors in them before and I have complained about BsG2004 in my posts related to it.

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