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BsG2004 wooo yeah!

Man, this episode amused me greatly.

"No more Mister Nice Gaius" *burst out laughing* That whole Gaius/Six thing was hilarious. Really good. We really got to see James Callis's acting. I just found it so funny because that little git is to blame. But he didn't do what he was accused of. Hahahah. It's an old device, but boy it works.

The Boomer/Tyrol interactions were really interesting and furthering the plot - as were Helo/Boomer. Fascinating. I want to know where they're going with that.

Starbuck/Tigh interaction was also rather amusing and entertaining.

Just the whole God thing between Gaius and Six is something I have never seen explored in this absolute depth before. I have such a relation to it. In many respects this year I've learnt more about my belief in God, but also about what I feel are the injustices of the organised religions. The thing is; it's such a complex relationship, such a difficult thing. My beliefs stem from the Christian religion - they do - I've read a great portion of the Bible, and in many ways I see its worth (in many ways I completely disagree). However, past religions are now regarded as "myths" and "legends" and "inferior". People pick one religion over another and proclaim that the other beliefs are wrong. In my opinion, this is disastrous and narrow minded. One thing is true - religion has existed, for the longest time, in the civilised human psyche. Not just one person believes, many do. Many stories have parallels. Surely there's a good reason why?

I believe in God, but I won't force anyone else to. I think that's why the Cylons are so obviously wrong and not justified at all in their actions - just as many organised religions aren't. They force this belief system on others, they're hypocrites and don't do as you're supposed to believe God does... and that is respect a person's "free will" to choose. Also, however, I'm very cynical when it comes to "free will" and "free speech". I'm of the opinion that neither truly exist. That, with society constructed as it is, you simply don't have the free will to think and do as you please - and in many situations you shouldn't! Certain actions and behaviours can never be condoned. They exist in a fashion, however.

See, no other fiction television program leads me to question these things quite so thoroughly. It's a gift only the new Battlestar Galactica has. Actually, Futurama, Star Gate and the various Star Treks have in a smaller capacity. Oh and Angel and Buffy too. I think it's a science-fiction/fantasy thing.

Also, Jamie was in this episode for a bit - oh yeah! His sexy Americanesque accent gets sexier everytime. ;) Have to admit, as much as I've loved these two episodes - I'm hoping the next one is more Apollocentric :D. The stupid person at the end who was saying "you can press the red button to see interviews..." called him Jamie Barber though. Silly girl. It's Bamber! Or at least Griffith! Heck, call him St. John if you like.

All in all - another fantastic episode, and I am so glad it was much lighter in many respects than others previous. I love this show. Can't wait for it next year on TV!
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