Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

My mind...

You may not know this, but I have the uncanny ability to block something out of my mind. An important event or something I have to do can completely disappear. Often, I don't mean to forget - I just do. And it's really completely gone, it isn't like when I know I have work, where it festers and I start to exhibit odd behaviour - it just goes somewhere into the dark recesses of my head.

It's terrible. It happened this weekend and I feel so angst-ridden about it. Incredibly guilty. I wish I could block this out of my mind, but I know I can't. I'll start twitching before long.

The reason was, you see, I was so sure I had no more obligations. I was so sure I was completely free, that I forgot that I still had to prepare to spend time with friends. I've let them down, and basically been a terrible friend in that regard.

There's really nothing I can do to make it up to them. So I suppose I'll have to wait until my guilt naturally dissipates.

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