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I thought I was dying last night, I had the severest stomach cramps. I hobbled around the house in agony until I reached the precious pain medication. When I woke up this morning there was just the smallest twinge. How odd. I'm thankful.

In other news, I can't believe it's the 23rd of November again. On the 23rd of November 1993 I left England for Australia. I always celebrate this as the day of my new Australian life (even though we didn't land on Australian soil until almost three days later *time differences and a 12 hour wait in Hong Kong*)

I've now been in Oz 11 years. That's a year more than Britain. And I have to say it, I love Australia, I do... but for the longest time I've wanted to go back to England and tour Scotland and Wales (I tend to think of Ireland as its own country, despite Northern Ireland supposedly being a part of the Union... meanwhile Scotland and Wales don't get this luxury - hah). I feel like it's something I have to do... but I can't afford it and I shan't for many years to come. This depresses me.

On the positive side, I'd never have got a University education in England, lord knows where I'd be living, and I'd probably never have met any of you - so I'm still thankful for this Australian life.

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