Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Why? Am I always the laaaast to knoooow.

So, inbetween getting ready for the concert, I've been watching Nickelodean's "Doug", and I have to say... I really hope they're pitching up Billy West's voice, because it terrifies me to think that a (then) 40-something year old man would be able to sound so successfully 11 years old. Seriously. So high and young... it's just not normal.

I'm looking forward to tonight. Amy's a huge Human Nature fan, so she'll be all excited and boppy. I'll try to just have fun concentrating on Phil (he's my favourite - he likes Queen yeah!) and remember why I used to like them. Mostly I think they're all good singers and harmonisers. But I really don't love their latest songs, and of course, this is probably mostly what they'll be doing.

EDIT: (21/11/04) Well, I was that curious to see if they were pitching up Billy's voice that I; a) went through the complex task of taking a soundbyte, b) opened it in Goldwave, and c) fiddled with the pitch control. By my experimentation I think they're pitching him up 3 semitones... which isn't much, but I'm still glad that they are, because as I said, not normal. Of course, there's every possibility that he's just heightening his voice all by himself, and that just because he sounds like his normal self when you lower Doug's voice by 3 semitones there's no reason to say he it's pitched up at all... but I like to think it was technologically aided.
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