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That's BsG2004

Well, it had to happen eventually. I just didn't think it would be this early. Unfortunately I didn't like this fourth episode "Act of Contrition". It started out well enough - we actually got to see some light humour. Apollo and Starbuck having a laugh. AND THEN the red paint signifying evilocity is about to happen. It was such an artificial symbol, cliché and unnecessary. There were some earlier signifiers, but they could have gone either way. Of course, after the paint, something horrible happens - in this case, an introduced small character from the last episode and twelve other pilots get exploded by a piece of ammo worn loose from the cage it was transported in. Meanwhile, all of this is occurring between flashes of Starbuck in a firey ship which could be the past? the future? imagination?

The main problem I found was that the episode was too fragmented - even more so than "33", and I've never been one to enjoy mass flashback and flashforward scenes without a set context. The acting was suitably fantastic (Edward James Olmos = Shiver!), but there were moments the "true" emotion just didn't ring true enough. I was distracted by the fragments and they took me out of the world. I like Katee Sackhoff's Starbuck - I'm ecstatic she's a strong female lead, but after this episode I do think it's good she's part of an ensemble cast - because she does start to grate.

It ends on a cliffhanger (ahh, it was the "future" - you need help Starbuck!), but the disappointed cynic in me isn't too fussed. I only hope the conclusion to the episode brings back my newfound obsession and love. I'm sure it will. I did like elements in the episode, just not the thing as a whole, and to be fair - it obviously isn't a whole.

This has been Loz, with your weekly BsG2004 opinion column... signing out.

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