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The questionnaire to end all...

Stolen from torins... my only LJ friend in Adelaide (who, admittedly, I haven't physically seen for over a year).

1.) What is your middle name and what did your parents tell you about it?
My Middle name is "Jane". My parents didn't tell me why. I think they were aiming for a full name that could win the title "most boring and common name ever". On the up side, I can post my name everywhere without being worried of stalkers.

2.) Where and when were you born?
I was born in December 1983, London, England.

3.) What is your first memory?
Being in my cot terrified of this great big clanking noise. I must have been nearing three. It ended up being the upstairs washing machine.

4.) What sort of first impression do you think you leave with people?
I don't think I make much of an impression. People never seem very interested in me.

5.) What do you think the clothes you wear tell people?
That I like comfortable clothes, ones which are muted or dark. Jeans, v-neck shirts and red sneakers are my usual uniform.

6.) Do you mind having your photo taken? Why/Why not?
I don't mind it, actually. There are times when I'm actually quite photogenic.

7.) Who are your favourite band and why?
LOVE The Cat Empire! But my favourite shall always be Queen.

8.) Who is your favourite solo artist and why?
Michael Bublé. I love his voice. It's perfect to me.

9.) Do you play any instruments?
I play my vocal chords. Apart from that, I have stubby and podgy fingers, as well as bad hand-eye co-ordination. And my parents could never afford to get me lessons. So no.

10.) Do you want to learn to play any instruments?
I want to learn piano and guitar. Maybe I'll start doing that these next few years.

11.) What does it sound like when you sing?
It depends upon the song. People have complimented my singing voice.

12.) What is your favourite food and why?
Chocolate, I suppose. It makes me happy, when I crave it and have it, it is satisfying.

13.) What do you like to cook?
I'm prepared to try anything. I'm very good at making chocolate peanut butter fudge. That's not really cooking, although heating is involved.

14.) What is your favourite restaurant and why?
I don't go to restaurants - eating in public is one of those things I'm not fond of.

15.) Do you have any diseases/constant illnesses? If so, how do you cope with them?
I have a skin disorder that crops up occasionally.

16.) Describe your father.
Strong principaled, intelligent, caring and conscientious, my Dad is one of the funniest people I know, and also one of the most dignified. He is strong of character, mind and body. He will stand up for you and stand beside you loyally. He's good at maths, english, manual labour and art. In short, he's brilliant. Unfortunately he also knows all of this and he has an ego the size of the United States of America... but I think in this instance it is more than justified.

17.) Describe your mother.
Strong-willed, opinionated, Mum is every bit Dad's equal. What she lacks in book knowledge (which let me say, is not much) she makes up for in advice and wisdom. Whilst she doesn't have the same "if you need an answer" quality that Dad does, she's well-self-educated. She's caring, lovable, loving and both extremely different from me, and very like me. Her sense of humour is slightly less zany than the others of us, but she's still hilarious. She also has a large ego, but it doesn't operate in the same way as Dad's.

Both my parents are amazing people, and they're the perfect ideal of a married couple. Dad's a patriarch and mum's a matriarch. They're fantastic.

18.) Describe your siblings.
I have two brothers.

Jeremy isn't an academic or a scholar, he doesn't like to read, and he doesn't use fancy words to convey what he's thinking or feeling. He is by no means an idiot. He's probably the most practical and inherently intelligent person I know. He's good with money, extraordinarily self-less in that regard, and a hard-worker. He's my older brother, 10 years my senior, and therefore protective.

Nick is a mixture of all of us. He's a boy's boy, a black belt in karate, and prone to acting macho, but he's also a cute sooky-babe who's cute and hugable. We have the same sense of humour and interests when it comes to music, tv and film. I influence him terribly. Even though he's almost 7 years younger than me, we're close, because we had to share a room for a long time. He's very funny, and extremely resourceful and intelligent.

I love my family. We have our quarrels, but we love each other.

19.) Describe your grandparents
I never knew my grandfathers. They both died before I was born. By all accounts, my maternal grandfather George was a gregarious socialising rascal who loved music. In contrast, my paternal grandfather Douglas was shy and retiring. My paternal grandmother Elizabeth died last year. She was a manic depressive, who was a beautiful singer in her time, but because of her mental disease was difficult to get along with. I believe there is a lot of her in me. My maternal grandmother is known as "Nana". She's 92. She's strong, intelligent and caring. She's extremely family-oriented. When she was younger she was also quite reserved and serious, an extremely hard-worker and a disciplinarian.

20.) Describe your Uncles/Aunts
My father's sister Sue died of cancer three years ago. I have three uncles on my Mum's side. I've never really got to know my uncles and aunts very well.

21.) What would you like your friends to think about you most?
Humour and loyalty.

22.) What do you think your friends think about you most?
I'm not sure. When I'm feeling my worst I suppose I just don't think my friends do think of me at all.

23.) If you could be anyone, who would you be and why?
The only life I'm really familiar enough with is my own. So, me.

24.) Do you still speak to your first love?
Haven't had one yet... or yes.

25.) Do you still speak with the person you lost your virginity to?

26.) What do you think of open relationships?
They rarely work.

27.) When was the last time someone broke your heart?
Never. I shall not let my heart be broken.

28.) What is your view on (non medical/prescribed) drugs?
I don't like them. At all.

29.) Are Alcohol, smoking and caffeine drugs? Why?
Technically, yes.

30.) Have you ever taken drugs? Why?
Caffeine... in soda drinks.

31.) What is your favourite book / book series? Why?
My favourite book is Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier. My favourite book series is Harry Potter.

32.) What is your favourite movie? Why?
Big Fish. It fascinates me.

33.) Are you a geek or are you cool? Why?
I'm a cool geek. Deal with it.

34.) What is your favourite sport? Why?
Sport? I care not for such things!

35.) What is your most valuable possession? Why?
Material possession?

My computer. :D

36.) Is there anyone that you would sacrifice your life for?

37.) What is your sense of humour like?
Various. I will laugh at many things. Jokes I make are usually referential or satirical.

38.) What’s your spiritual persuasion?
Open-minded, but I believe in a benevolent entity (or entities). I also believe in psychic ability.

39.) What’s more important, spiritual or physical wellbeing? Why?
Well - spiritual. As long as you don't say that "spiritual" necessarily has to be "religious".

40.) What’s more true, science or spirituality?
Hah! Hahahaha! I'm not even going to attempt it.

41.) Do you care how you leave the world for future generations? Why?
Yes. And more people should too.

42.) Vegetarianism is on the rise – what are your views on vegetarianism and veganism?
I would be a vegetarian if I weren't such a weak-willed individual. Honestly I am a terrible hypocrite in this regard. As long as the vegetarians and vegans are smart enough to have a balanced diet so that they get the nutrition they need, I'm happy for them. They're stronger than I am.

43.) If you could be the god of any concept, what concept would you choose and why?
God of a concept? Mwahhaha. Music, I guess.

44.) Are computers the way of the future or the end of social lives?
"It’s like drugs, if you spend all day in front of your computer you should probably re-evaluate your lifestyle choice." (Simon) - I'd like to agree with this. However, this has been known to apply much like vegetarianism to me. Hypocrite me!

I think they're both. I could never have become the person I am without the internet and computers. I've gained a level of confidence which is fantastic.

45.) What is the best thing that the current government where you live has done?
Depends which government you mean. I'll say the gun laws.

46.) What is the worst thing that the current government where you live have done?
... there are so many things. How about the way they treat asylum seekers?

47.) What is your favourite colour and why?
Red. It's pretty.

48.) What is your favourite season and why?
Winter. Cold baby. If I were in England I'd say Spring or Autumn.

49.) When was the last time you felt over-stressed?
Two weeks ago.

50.) When was the last time you were seriously bored?
*shrug* I'm almost always bored.

51.) What was the last time you learned something? What was it? Who taught you?
I taught myself how to open a badly stuck jar today.

52.) What is your worst bad habit? Why don’t you stop?
Biting my nails. I'd almost stopped, and then I just caved in.

53.) Knowing what you know about yourself, would you trust you? Why?
Yes. I don't tell secrets. Though I used to be less trustworthy than I am now.

54.) How many people do you know that you’d trust with your life?
About 7.

55.) What, to you, is the most attractive part of the opposite sex?
Physical? Or overall? Sense of humour if "overall", uhmm... eyes if "physical".

56.) What, to you, is the most important thing about the opposite sex? Why?
Their reproductive organs! (hahaha)

57.) Do you think you rate your partners by their strengths or their flaws? Why?
N/A! (but it would be strengths)

58.) At what point do you think that a relationship should be over?
If I knew that I'd be selling the information. It depends upon the relationship. There's no overall standard.

59.) Are you forgiving? Why?
Yes, I forgive people quickly time and time again. But I have a limit. Once you breach that limit I shall never ever forgive you.

60.) What is your goal in life? Why?
We're supposed to have goals? I guess - to love and be loved?

61.) If you were to ever own a business what would it do?
Television/Film Production company!

62.) Do you have any phobias?
Telephones, heights and tight enclosed spaces.

63.) If you could change anything about your body, what would it be and why?
The proportionate size, LOL.

64.) What are your views on unemployment benefits?
I know you probably haven't read this unless you're Simon - but Simon's answer scared the hell out of me. I think unemployment benefits are scarily scant. It isn't easy to get a well-paying job, and I believe very few people "cheat the system". I think there should be unemployment benefits, and I think they should be of an amount which can benefit people so that they can better gain employment which they want.

65.) Should Education be free? Why?
Not completely free, no. There'd be too many people spending their entire lives clogging up the systems studying. It shouldn't be as expensive as it is, though.

66.) If everything went wrong, would you go to family or friends? Why?

67.) Do you take risks? Why? What is the last risk you took?
No. I'm not a risk-taker.

68.) Do you prefer to lead or follow?
I do both. I think I prefer to lead.

69.) When you meet someone of the opposite sex that you like, do you ask them out or wait to be asked? Why?
That latter one. I don't take risks.

70.) If you want to date someone who is in a relationship what do you do?
Never happened. Or... uhmm... I let them have their relationship and move on.

71.) If someone was in a relationship and they wanted to date you, would you do it? Why?

72.) If you could change anything in the world, what would it be, and why?
Anything? Okay - water and food shortage.

73.) If there is something wrong, do you ask for help or try and get through it on your own?
I try and get through it myself... then I ask for help.

74.) What is your view on same sex relationships?
About the same as opposite sex relationships. I believe in love. Gender doesn't bother me. I'm happy for any couple which is in love. If it's just sex - that's okay too.

75.) What inspired your username?
It's the lengthened version of "Loz" which is short for "Laura". Go figure.

76.) How many bedrooms does you dream house have? Why?

77.) Do nice guys always finish last? Why?
No. And if some would like to fall in love with me, that'd be good.

78.) What do you want to have accomplished in the next 10 years?
I want to; be happy in my teaching job, find a boy who wants to marry me, and have two baby boys. Then in the next ten years after that, have a girl.

79.) What, if anything, would you change in the last 5 years of your life?
Nothing. Things happen for a reason.

80.) If you had a political party, what would you focus on?
Healthcare, Education, Employment, Indigenous and International affairs. Hmmm... bankruptcy.

81.) What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for yourself?
If you add them together, my Buffy and Futurama DVD Boxed Sets.

82.) What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for someone else? Why did you buy it?
A digital camera for my baby brother Nick's birthday.

83.) How many people do you hate? (Numbers not names here!)
6. :D

84.) How many people do you love? (Numbers not names here!)
This is "love" not "in love" - 13.

85.) Why did you answer these questions? How long did it take?
It interested me. Slightly over an hour. Typing errors will have to be accepted. So will the occasional missing "why".


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