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Rocket man, running out of fuel up here alone...

I'm proud of my new Icon. It took forever to do, and it's still not perfect, but I like it anyway.

I just got the weirdest telephone call. I think it was from India?! It sounded like an international call - terrible static, and the girl had a thick Indian accent. It was about switching to a different telephone plan. I respectfully declined.

I've been watching more Futurama than I'd care to mention. I've already finished the third and second seasons and all the audio commentaries. Now I need the first and fourth (production) seasons. And I'll have to listen to all those audio commentaries too. I love them, they're so much fun. They're good when John and Billy get to speak, sometimes it annoys me that they'll be about to say or ask something and one of the other guys will talk over them. Tress MacNeille and Maurice LaMarche were cool too. It's funniest when John and Billy are having a discussion with each other, though. It's amusing how much like Bender John DiMaggio really is. Billy is nothing like Fry, but he sounds like a slightly older version of him, and when he's doing all the voices it's so cool...

Oh dear, I have Futurama-itis. I hear it's bad.

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