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Your weekly dose of BsG2004

Okay, it's confirmed. I not only love Jamie, but I love Apollo too. He is such an excellent character. Such an excellent person.

This latest episode - Bastille Day - freaking rocked. Lots of Apollo screentime - and him showing his mettle too! He's intelligent, strong and principled!

Not to mention gorgeous!

I liked everything about this episode. Richard Hatch was excellent! The balance was just right. Questions are still unanswered. And now I really want to see the next episode. Ack! They're so clever. Evil making-Loz-fall-in-love-with-a-show-because-it's-so-good people!


*loves Jamie even more*

Q: There's a female President on the show. How near do you think we are to seeing a female American President?

A: I think we're pretty damn near. I mean Hilary Clinton is the obvious contender. And I think the way poor John Kerry's getting on, it's going to be up to her to save the world, as it were. We just need the right person to get into the right position and I think that's pretty hard. Having said that, I don't know how George Bush managed to get himself in the right position, it can't be that hard.

Major thanks to widget285 from crumpeteers for that link!

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