Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Meanderings on Mum and Dad...

My Futurama Season 2 boxed set came yesterday. My mum was so cute. She took the box, placed it on the Kitchen table and said "you'll get this when you've finished your Thesis. You can't be trusted!"

I just thought it was amusing that she was there bossing this 21 year old (well, my birthday is in December, might as well accept this as my age) English Honours student around as you would a five year old primary school student.

It was sort of nice that she knows me well enough, though. My "But Futurama fires my synapses!" didn't do anything, either. Hah. I'm doing okay with the Conclusion, but I'm not entirely sure how to conclude. Meep.

Mum and Dad, as well as Nick have been really supportive throughout this, and in a lot of ways I've just been a complaining bum, so I'm hoping to have a mini-win on the Lottery so they can all get stellar Christmas presents. They all deserve it so much - especially Dad.

Sometimes I forget, you know? Then I'll be talking to him and he'll be unable to say the simplest thing... it hurts so much. You can tell it just pisses him off more than anything. He's going to speech pathology, though - and his pathologist said he's one of the best.

I feel honoured to have such amazing parents... even if they do take my Futurama away... ;)

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