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More BsG (this is likely to come weekly)

Well, now I've seen the second episode of Battlestar Galactica 2004 and I am still loving it.

Jamie! He was so adorable. He was all sensitive and almost Archie-like. What is it with Bamber being that kind of character who is tough but weak at the same time? He does it so well. I couldn't help but want to give the poor boy a hug. I think I'm going to like Apollo. He's a thinker. He's got demons and issues and he's complex. You want to reach out and help him, tell him everything will be okay. But you know he'll push you away and go all stony-eyed.

I don't just like Jamie in this series, either. I like everything. I love the camera-work and the special effects. The dialogue doesn't make me cringe. And the rest of the cast are just as talented as Jamie. I have so many questions, and so many reasons to keep watching. Like - what is the Cylon plan? What? Why? Who!? This second episode was clever in the sense that it still establishes you and introduces you to this new world, but it doesn't make you feel like an idiot who needs everything explained a thousand times.

If this show gets cancelled and doesn't even get a second season I'll know there's no hope for humanity.
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