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Jamie Fan-ness

So, courtesy of darling people at the "crumpeteers" community, I was directed to this link which is an interview with Jamie Bamber, talking about his Apollo in the new BSG (or BG, but BG for me means "Baldur's Gate", so I feel I need the S).

He's asked why he's often playing military roles and he doesn't really know how to answer (he's admitted before to being a romantic, sensitive, thinking sort of person, not really pro-kill or anything). He explains his Mum's Northern Irish (which I didn't know, I thought she was English) and his Dad's American (which I did know) and he has absolutely no military background whatsoever. He continues to talk about the sort of mentalities his characters have had, that they're intelligent sort of men who need to have this wider outlook on life, and have to think for the community as a whole whilst retaining a sense of individualism (Jamie is an absolute star when it comes to knowing about his characters and obviously does spend time thinking about it) which perhaps is a sensibility that he can possibly convey.

What I found interesting is that he didn't seem to think it had anything to do with his looks. Here he is, this fit atheletic type, definitely physically capable of being in the Army/Navy/Astronaut/Military. Facially he has a very masculine (square) jawline and angular bone structure, which is softened by bright blue eyes and a cute smile. So he can look stern one moment, and cuddly the next. He can be made to look unwell and basically exhausted but still attractive. Alternatively he can look like your regular healthy pretty-boy. The programs and roles he has been in are ones which are attempting to appeal to a wide audience, but are especially striving for a female audience because they are inherently male-gendered texts.

I just thought it was interesting that he was seemingly baffled, but I could tell from the very beginning why Agents, a Casting Director (and Producers/Directors) would choose someone like him. There's undeniably the fact he's a very good actor who takes his work seriously, so that even without a military background he can appear to have the necessary essentials for that career, and looks are not everything, but one imagines that his looks do contribute just a small amount to his overall appeal as a Military-based character actor... and it's surprising he didn't seem to even consider that.

Oh dear, I can't help but think I spend too much time thinking about the trivial things. If only my Thesis were on my favourite actors/films/tv shows... I'd get a First without any hesitation. I spoke to Graham today, and to my shock and horror, my Jekyll and Dorian chapters weren't nearly as bad as I had thought. Half of my problem is that I second-guess myself all of the time. I'm a perfectionist in only the most inane and vain manner. It isn't that I don't believe in my abilities, it's generally that I believe in them too much, and then common sense prevails. I keep thinking that my work should reflect the same standard as the critics I am using, but of course it doesn't, because I am a 20 year old Honours Student with little (reading) experience in the world and can really only work from other sources.
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