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You are a liar and a thief!

Well... that didn't go well.

Even though I thought... nay, knew I memorised it, I got to be standing up in front of all and sundry (four other Honours students and Professor Robert Phiddian) and the words magically disappeared. I managed to get past the first two lines before breaking out in a terrified sweat. Hah! I gave up after the "Daring Pilot in extremity" bit and just read it.

Oh well... it's worth a small amount of our work - I was NOT the only one to have it happen (in fact, not one of us got through our poetic sections without a considerable pregnant pause and some word problems, though no-one else stopped and offered to read it instead, masochistic buggers) and Robert liked the bit I chose - because that's the bit he did. He balls it up just as much as I did, and admitted to it NOT being easy.

Plus, we all got passing marks just for even attempting it ;)

The Brett was very cool today... he let me practice on him * }:) *, and was being his normal chatty, cheerful ranty self. I can't believe how happy I am I got to see him this year. I think I discovered the main reason I hold him in quite such high regard. He compliments me. He is, in fact, the only guy who has ever complimented me just because. I joked I had a terrible voice and a naff accent, and he said he thought my voice was charming. So it's an egoism on my part, I guess, but it says a lot about his character.

'nuff said methinks. I've got work to do tonight. Yay. I need to get back to bed, but I am starving.

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