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The "I Love Graham and want to have his Literary babies" post...

So - as you can tell, I'm having difficulty with Dracula.

I'd just spent twenty minutes thinking about how screwed I was, planning on staying up all night and just writing random gibberish that comes into my head (well that's what ended up happening with Dorian) when the phone rings. Braving my fear of phones I pick it up (Dad has speech troubles, remember) and it's Graham! Unfortunately he can't attend our meeting tomorrow, but he is available midday Thursday.

So I have a few more hours to play with at least. It's just so bad that I spend forever looking at a blank screen before distracting myself and then continuing to look at a blank screen again. Sometimes I think self-destructive-Loz is back, but then I realise she's not... it's just writer's block of the most inane kind.

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