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Today I watched the first few episodes of Due South. Now I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess that either no-one here has seen this show, or, no-one remembers it. It ran from around 1994-1999 (it had some "axing" and cast replacement issues). It was about a member of the R.C.M.P (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or Mountie), Benton Fraser, working as a liason officer in Chicago and solving crime with detective Ray Vecchio (later it was to be Ray Kowalski).

It was in the "PG" bracket, had lighthearted jabs at both Canadians and Americans, and was basically a fun show to watch. It was self-knowingly corny and it worked. It didn't get very good ratings, despite having great scripts with good dialogue, nice nuanced acting and a truly original premise. In Australia it was screened at 10.30 at night.

Anyway, I always assumed that when I came back to it years later I would see why it didn't get good ratings, that the cornyness would infuriate me, and I'd wonder why the teenage Loz found Benton Fraser (Paul Gross) so attractive. Obviously, quite the opposite happened. I saw exactly why I liked the show, felt sad it had so many production troubles and wondered at the short sightedness of some people.

You may have noticed by now that I can be odd and obscure in my television and film preferences. I also have a thing about Canadians.
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