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72 hours and 2500+ words later...

Rough draft of Thesis Chapter 3 "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" finished. Next, Chapter 4 "The Picture of Dorian Gray"...

Oh yes. This is what I like to hear.


It's due tomorrow?

I have to catch a bus at 12.30 pm then?

I also have to write Chapter 5 on Dracula before then?

I should have finished an Introduction and Conclusion and shown Graham two weeks ago?

I also have to read Alexander Pope's "The Rape of the Lock" by 2.00 pm Wednesday?

I still have my final editing project, learning 20 lines of poetry to recite off by heart, and an Epic Transformations essay to do?


Note to self: getting paralysed by fear of inadequacy is not a valid excuse. When you say you're going to do something, do it. Don't spend most of the year being terrified of doing it and worrying about not having done it. This is deconstructive behaviour.

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