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I simply cannot believe it. Even economists, Liberals' primary supporters in times past have admitted Howard was speaking absolute rubbish when he was saying Labor would mean a definite increase in Interest Rates and the collapse of the economy. Are people really this stupid? ARE THEY? No, I admitted I didn't like Latham - that he was the lesser of two evils. BUT HE WAS THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS, IDIOTS!!!!!

So people really support Howard and his friends;
a) Destroying medicare.
b) Trying to privatise services which need to be regulated by a governing body.
c) Treating refugees like some sort of disgusting sticky thing you just can't get rid of.
d) Giving absolutely no regard for the Australian environment, including seeing Australian power plans for the future involving COAL and not signing the Kyoto agreement.
e) Dumping toxic waste all over the country (but especially in South Australia).
f) Not having to ask anyone else to take Australia to war.
g) Creating an atmosphere of heightened fear.
h) Limiting funds to all vital services and boasting of surplusses.
i) Raising costs to tertiary students, thereby limiting choice and opportunity for those less well off to get a decent education.
j) Funding PRIVATE schools over Public schools - and not the Private schools which actually need help, either!
k) Telephoning people with an automated dialling device (at one wonders what cost) to scare them into voting for him. "Hello I'm John Howard, and I'm taking the unprecedented step of..." (Leaving the Australian Public in more capable hands!)
l) Running a campaign based on scare tactics, bullying and slander in general.
m) Copying everything George Bush does, just because.
n) Doing virtually nothing for indigenous communities.
o) Not apologising to indigenous communities.
p) Deliberately engineering against a Republic hope by giving choices which were not viable.
q) Claiming we have a decent employment rate, when all the Government really does is include minimal casual hours (and barely any income) as "employment".
r) Harping on and on about defence, and yet not taking any notice or notifying the Australian public when there's been a warning.
s) Taking more from the Australian public, and giving less back.
t) Introducing the GST in the first place.
u) Allowing housing prices to increase to ridiculous amounts.
v) Facilitating the rich in getting richer, and the poor in getting poorer (for many reasons I have already stated)
w) Attempting to enforce the Free Trade Agreement with America, which really spells doom for most Australian manufacturers.
x) Giving no funding to the Arts (film, literature, television grants and tax breaks).
y) Lying to the Australian public several, several times - proven beyond reasonable doubt.
z) Not phoning Rove (i.e, really not being brave enough to front up against a tv-talk-show host).

Oh damn it, the list goes on and on and on!

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