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Heh... heh... (backs away)

I'm sorry if I concerned or upset anyone with that last post... to the point they dug out my phone number and rang me to check I wasn't close to suicidal, a la thethirdman. I didn't mean to cause anyone distress, it was just another public rant. It was selfish but I wanted my friends to tell me I was wrong, that people did miss me, and you did so I love you so.

I'm feeling considerably better now. A combination of things, but mostly everyone out there has helped (esp. thethirdman). I don't know, we all need a forum with which to vent our frustrations don't we? I seem to do it a lot. From now on (she's said this before) I'll try and be happy and post happy things.


Starting with fangirl squealing over Jamie Bamber pictures from Battlestar Galactica 2005. Me like. Me like a lot. Jamie! Squeal! Jamie!

Who'd have known a father of three could produce that many happy smiles and squeals?


Also, I finally got to see some of MST3K. It was... interesting ;). I really liked it. Puppets? Cheesy movies? Puppets making fun of cheesy movies? Cute boys saying goofy things? Oh yeah!

Michael Landon was a hottie in "I Was a Teenage Werewolf". There. I said it.


Hang on, all of these "happy posts" seem to be about cute boys... (sigh) One track mind.


For the first time since moving to Australia, I'm really looking forward to the sun and summer. I won't when it starts reaching 33+C I know, but today was such a beautiful day, and summer spells internet and other freedoms I shall want to indulge in.


Congratulations to the Collectormania 6 goers :). Hope you had a ball!


And finally;

Kisses and hugs to those I love - yes that includes you.
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