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Don't be angry...

I promise I've been busy.

I'm very sorry for my complete absence this past week and a bit, and you should expect it to continue for a while yet. Thesis writing, presentation giving, present for dad's birthday getting, The Sims 2 lusting (and not getting because am skint), guilt-ridden feelings, sleep-deprivation and computer-mal-freaking-functioning have exacerbated my extended leave. Yes, I have my Thesis due on November 1st. My computer has royally messed up. I've got other projects for University and as well as remembering my online responsibilities which I already wasn't keeping up with you can imagine my eye twitching.

thethirdman - I know I owe you. A lot. A very very large amount. When I get back I promise to lavish (ravish?) you in some way. Take care.
foolieonthehill - I owe you a lot too, I'm so sorry. When I come back you'll be back, and that's my only consolation. Hope you had a lovely birthday.
dumbles_jen - I'm not sure I owe you too much, but I shall definitely be catching up on all of your lovely fanfic I've missed this year. If you or no-one else has, can you pretty please take over CoS fanclub?
mattgoth, lanifiel and any other wonderful CoS-admin/mod/prefect, can you forgive my extended CoS absence?

Everyone else - I love you, I miss you. I shall be back with Loz-like grandeur, some time, in 2004.

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