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Today has been a good day...

Up and out early this morning. Editing. I announced (bravely) that I couldn't find the exact text I wanted and that the other version I had found was identical to the first (we need to find two distinct versions of the same text and collate/edit away). I could feel everyone looking at me thinking "she's brave... just saying it like that." I became more pink faced as everyone else announced how well they were going with theirs.

After class I asked Graham if he had any idea which other texts I might be able to use. He suggested the Henry James short story "The Four Meetings", which he was sure had been revised by James later in life. I said sure thing. He gave me the base copy which he conveniently had stacked in his bookcase, and sent me off to search for the revised edition. I found it in the Library, after much toiled searching (oddly he had said mostly I would find versions which were made off of the revised edition, but the only ones I was finding were based on the original publication). Have I told you how much I like Graham? He's lovely. He's what a University tutor should be like - and I haven't met his kind until this, the fourth year of my studies. He's so eccentric, though. All academics must be a bit barmy.

Walking home from the bus stop was gorgeous. The sun was out, the sky was blue. There's something inherently healthful about the sun in moderation. It shines down, making you feel like you're truly alive. Looking into the eternal blue adds to the calming yet invigorating effect. I love Winter. I like the cold and hate large amounts of heat when you think you're going to die of suffocation. But when it's turning into Spring, and you smell the cut grass on the air, it's heavenly. This isn't one of the last days of Winter, but it's just like those times. Beautiful.

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