Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I am a werewolf...

This post is all about menstruation.

I bought my first menstrual cup at the end of last year. I'd been interested in doing so for ages, but just hadn't got around to it. At first I found it very tricky to place, so it wasn't a comfortable experience. Sometimes, I still get it wrong, and it can be downright disastrous. I have also discovered that on my bloodiest day I have an exceedingly heavy flow in counterpoint to its dimensions (and yes, I purchased the one for heavy flow, as I predicted I did.) When I'm teaching I can't just jet off to the restroom whenever I wish, so it can be annoying. I have washable/reuseable pantyliners, though, and they're amazing.

I also purchased some washable/reusable night-time/regular pads. I love them. They're so pretty and comfortable. I never realised it was actually the chemicals in disposable pads that made that smell I've always associated with my period. Of course, it's extra work, soaking and cleaning before they can go in the washing machine. You need to have enough so that you can be without one while washing. Plus, the initial cost seems exorbitant. But then you remember how much you might spend on tampons and pads per month and in the end you've saved hundreds of dollars.

I don't think I could have done this in my early twenties, due to 'urgh, body' issues, but I wish I had. It's been a positive experience.

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