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A Phenomenon When You Came Along

I don't think I remembered to post this here.

Title: A Phenomenon When You Came Along
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Word Count: 17,366 words.
Rating: Explicit
Pairing/Notes: Scott/Stiles. I named this after a line from the Katy Perry song ‘Double Rainbow’. I continue to have no regrets. Thank you to my dearest snoopypez, who was a sounding board, an Ameri-picker, and a generally awesome cheerleader and beta.
Tags: Road Trips, Disney World & Disneyland, Friends to Lovers, Sharing a Bed, Growing Up, Fluff, Panic Attacks, References, Loss of Virginity, POV Stiles
Summary: Stiles and Scott embark on a road trip together. This isn't a metaphor (except for how it is.)
“It’s okay, I’m good.”

“Yeah, you’re the best,” Scott replies automatically.

It’s one of their stock phrases, something they’ve said since childhood --- as natural to them as their ability to communicate through eyebrow-raises, their super-secret handshake and their unending loyalty to one another, but Stiles thought they’d retired it when they were fifteen, so he glances at Scott quickly.

“Sometimes I think we’ve forgotten how to be us and then you say something, or look at me a certain way, and it all comes back.”

A Phenomenon When You Came Along
Tags: teen wolf, writing

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