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Living Loz
This show... 
20th-Nov-2013 11:19 pm
Loz Cola



20th-Nov-2013 03:20 pm (UTC)
My exact same reaction.

They fridged the best female character on the show, just because John apparently needed some angst and man pain in his character development. What the hell. It was literally the only reason why they did it. They rushed the relationship to the romantic stage, just so that they could fridge her. Her fucking last words even allude to that.


Unless we find out that she's in a coma during the hiatus and then she's magically resurrected by Root and the Machine because this is a sci-fi show, I'm not even sure I'll keep watching. The quality had dropped this season, but this is really too much.
20th-Nov-2013 08:43 pm (UTC)
Ah. Um, I completely disagree that the quality has dropped this season. I've thought it's been miles better than parts of S2.

I also refuse to think of this as a fridging, and wilfully see John's attachment to Joss as platonic. That kiss was totally platonic. His regard completely platonic.

(Yes. I know. I can see why you say it is a fridging, and yeah, it was super unfortunate and made basically NO SENSE given what we've had before.)

I'm annoyed that this is the way they went about things, even though I am pretty sure it was because Taraji has other worked lined up and couldn't commit to the show anymore. Carter's not really a character you can just phase out or ship off to another country. But my 'I fucking cannot's were more fannish 'eek, how could you?' than actual outrage. I'm heartbroken over it, wish she'd gone down more in a blaze of glory, but I still trust the show.
20th-Nov-2013 08:57 pm (UTC)
My problems with this season are several, mostly that the plot twists are always either weird (he's not a stalker! here, have a kid! even if he already has an adoptive mom!), or just do not make sense (you're a conman, but hey, keep doing your hypnotherapist thing in another city, nothing wrong with that). We had no scenes with Harold and John truly interacting so far, and the two main bad guys were both put into different locked rooms as if the writers just didn't know what to do with them. The only episode I truly appreciated was Shaw's.

And then, they decide to off Carter. They could have gone many different ways about it, but they just took away any meaning to it, and her last words (and next week's trailer) made it clear they were just stuffing her in the fridge.

Plus, there's that really, really weird sappy dialogue between John and Joss before the kiss. I wouldn't have minded a romantic storyline, although I definitely preferred them to remain platonic friends, but what puzzled me was the bullet thing and what they made John say. It's been two seasons of John saying over and over again that he owes his life to Harold, and that it's Harold who stopped him from dying, by giving him a job in the first episode. They just erased all of that, and recycled the relationship, this time with Joss.

They could have made him talk about Number Crunch, or when John first saved her life, or the interrogations, the bomb vest, any one of the many moments they shared together and that had actual meaning to their storyline, instead of the only one that held no real meaning for them: their first meeting. They went for the trite sappy lines, and then they killed her in his arms while she was pleading him not to let that change him. Way to waste a fantastic character, and what could have been a Heroic Death, a crowning moment of a great personal arc. =_=
20th-Nov-2013 03:39 pm (UTC)
Yeah, me too. And after that forced and very low-grade fanfic type love scene, too; it made me squirm to hear them both spouting such poor quality dialogue.

I'm astonished it wasn't leaked in advance, though ...
20th-Nov-2013 08:44 pm (UTC)
I am still refusing to think of it as a love scene. It makes so little sense with everything we've been given so far that, to me, it must be a platonic outpouring of love. And I will stick my fingers in my ears and la la la forever on the subject.

Ugh, me too. I'm heartbroken.
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