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Yuletide Letter 2013

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you! Before you even start, thanks so much for writing for me. I know how difficult this can sometimes be. I also know how fun this can be, and that's what I want you to concentrate on, the fun part. I'm sure you're going to do an absolutely wonderful job. I'm going to copy and paste what I signed up with shortly, but I don't want you to feel hemmed in or constrained by what I say. If you have a story idea I haven't mentioned in the slightest, go for it.

Things I enjoy in general are: happy endings, humour, banter, friendship, estranged people coming together, friends to lovers and ensemble pieces. Style-wise, I like meta, out-of-chronology fic, epistolary fic and conventional fic. Themes I adore are: fish out of water, self-growth, issues surrounding identity, time-travel, people working together. Themes I dislike are: infidelity, loss of control, self-hatred that remains to the end of the story. Kink-wise, I'm mostly quite vanilla. I like non-penetrative sex as well as penetrative, and rimming is a kink I love. I go heart-eyed for hand-holding, sweeping hair away from faces, kissing necks, rubbing shoulders --- all of that sensual but not necessarily sexual contact. Kinks I don't like are: watersports, scat, incest, food-kink and underage.

But now, onto the fandom specifics. I haven't changed anything from my initial sign-up.

Parks and Recreation
I have so many different things I would be thrilled to bits with. Gen, het, femslash, slash: it's all golden. Close to canon, Alternative Reality or Alternative Universe would please me.

I have especial love for many different relationships, including: Leslie/Ben, Leslie/Ann, April/Ann, Chris/Ben, April/Andy, Andy/Ben, Ann/Chris, Ron/Diane, Tom/Donna, Ron/Leslie.

I don't hate Jerry, I just don't ship him with anyone either.

I'm not hugely into threesomes or moresomes, but if you have an idea you want to run with, go for it, I'm not drastically opposed to them either.

I would love a story surrounding a relationship, or 'a day in the life of' for any of the characters, or an episode-style problem to be overcome for a character of your choice, or even a 'History of Pawnee'. Sex is fine, but not necessary. Squicks I have are watersports, scat, incest, food-kink and underage, so please avoid those kinks.

What I love about the show is how so little of the humour is mean. I love the character dynamics and the sense of optimism. If you include any of that, I will be ecstatic.

Go On
One of the things that I adored about Go On was the ensemble aspect, so anything that includes that will have me grinning from ear to ear. My favourite characters are Owen and Anne, with very close runners up in Fausta and Steven. I have a big place in my heart for Ryan and Ryan/Janie.

I'm happy with gen, het, femslash, slash, but not hugely into threesomes or moresomes, but if you get an idea involving a threesome or a moresome, I won't stop you, because I don't hate them either.

Ideally, I'd like something similar to an episode of the show.

Jonathan Creek
I can't help it, I really want Jonathan and Maddy to be reunited. But if you feel like writing a story set before Maddy left, that's aces too. I'd be happy with a murder mystery or a relationship story, or Plot What Plot, or something that combines them all. I don't mind if it's romantic or platonic.

Style-wise, I like out of chronology stories, or stories that are meta and have a present or unreliable narrator. An epistolary fic would be cool!

Eternal Law
I'm happy with gen, het, slash, femslash

I would adore Zak/Tom. As far as I'm aware, I'm the only person who actually actively shipped them, but oh they made my heart sing. I do also love Zak/Richard, Zak/Hannah, Richard/Hannah, Hannah/Mrs Sheringham though.

This is one of the rare fandoms when I wouldn't be opposed to a threesome, specifically Zak/Tom/Mrs Sheringham or Zak/Richard/Hannah.

I'd love an ensemble piece, or a story from Tom's perspective about adjusting to life on earth, or something Zak-centric, or Richard-centric, or Hannah-centric. I'd go gleefully wide-eyed about something post-apocalyptic as long as it had a hopeful/optimistic ending. I'd be happy with a character fic, or Plot What Plot, or oodles of plot.

Sleepy Hollow
I'd prefer gen for Sleepy Hollow, please. I'd like a fic that goes into Ichabod adjusting to life in modern day America. How does he cope with technology? What does he love, what does he hate? I adore his friendship with Abbie, so anything that utilises their dynamic will make me happy. A story about Abbie and Jennifer growing to trust one another again would also fill me with glee.

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