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Living Loz
Teen Wolf Liveblog... 
23rd-Jul-2013 07:00 pm
Loz Cola

LITTLE DEREK IS INSUFFERABLE. Ian Nelson's a pretty good actor, and he looks like young Hoechlin, eye-colour aside. But, yeah, this dude's a pain.

I am finding that they're really drowning scenes out with music these days.

I'm kind of sad that she didn't just say 'Jennifer'. But! She might still be her, so. We'll see.

Stiles is great in this episode. (Stiles is great in every episode.)

... this makes no sense. What? Whaaat?

Young Deucalion was so lovely. Ugh.

This is really discomforting. This is way more discomforting than when the 20-somethings pretending to be teenagers do sexy stuff.

Young Peter, while he looks way too young, is actually perfect beyond that. Unreliable narration! Interesting that Peter was always relatively sociopathic and incredibly manipulative.

Right! So he was fifteen.

Gerard is the actual worst.

I really like the use of unreliable narration in this episode.

HOW THE HELL IS THIS SHOW CALLED 'TEEN WOLF'? Jesus fuck. :( Deucalion, dude, I'm now kind of on your side regarding the whole revenge plot.

Scott, bb, you're the best. (And Posey is SO GOOD now. So good!)

I wish I liked Cora/Stiles more.

HAHAHA. I love that they just want to really drive the point home, but also highlight how smart Scott and Stiles are. My boys.

This was not what I wanted out of this episode. It was... I mean, it was fine, I guess. But it doesn't actually tell us much about Derek beyond that which we already know. They shouldn't have been going on and on about it as if it's amazing and truth revealing --- because it's same old, same old. (Why am I surprised? Why did I let myself get suckered into thinking it'd be better?) Derek's foolish enough to listen to Peter. He's short-sighted enough to make rash decisions, then try to back out of them when they start to go wrong. He blames himself when everything goes to shit, but still doesn't take full responsibility or attempt to mend his ways. How is any of this new?

(Did Derek not realise Ennis would go about it this way? We know Peter's lying, so how far does Derek's involvement run? It's creepy as fuck, it really is, but it is also typical Derek.)

And, actually, what's the time frame? Did Kate happen the next year? The year after that? What was he doing having another intense romance so quickly when he'd likely be scarred from this one? I just --- seriously? The sense, it makes none. And in terms of moving the plot forward? It doesn't. Even flashback episodes need to move us forward.

27th-Jul-2013 03:06 pm (UTC)
This episode feels incredibly out of place to me. It doesn't jive at all with the one before it and I'm with you, it doesn't say anything new. I love unreliable narrators, but nothing about Derek and Peter surprised me (Deaton did a little and how the druids work, but not the rest of it). I may just ignore this one happened.

But honestly, it's pretty much the only one I though faltered so far this season so I'm all right with this.
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