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Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Liveblog

That was such a nicely done transition.

Heeeeey, Jared! <3333

Are Lydia and Allison on the track team now? Hang on, wait, is this the same day?!

I feel like this is the scene Dylan wrote.

It makes no sense to me as to why Stiles still thinks Derek would go around killing random people. NONE AT ALL.

Boyd :(

Stiles. Seriously. Stiles.

Posey's actually surprisingly good at playing creepy as fuck.

Oh, Isaac, bb.

Why are they actually trying to save Ethan, though?

Booooyd :(

This scene is bad and it's making me feel bad. Jennifer has no obvious motivators and it makes it hard to believe. If I were Derek I would be telling her to go. It's beautifully shot, and Hoechlin and Haley look wonderful together, but... it doesn't make sense.

Scott :( :( :(

MY BOYS. AWWWWW. This scene is good. It could be better, but it's good.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh dear. I basically just wrote this, only it didn't happen overnight.


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