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Living Loz
11th-Jun-2013 05:25 pm
Loz Cola
Teen Wolf 3.02 Liveblog

I like this beginning.

I like that both Scott and Stiles are utterly shocked. Stiles can get it. (I actually really hope he won't, because I am a terrible person, but he can, and that is important.)

Oh Scott, baby, I love you.

A bike, Stiles? Hee. Not everyone's Scott.

This is very Trojan War. [By the way, aaaaages ago I was going to write a Teen Wolf fic based on Trojan War, but I decided it wasn't my forté. It began like this:

This is it! This is the night he’s getting his v-card swiped. He’s spending everything he has, he’s going for broke. This is the night Stiles is using an analogy so disgusting it even makes him flinch back in horror.

Stiles is eighteen and a half and has finally convinced a girl to be interested in him. It’s like, the most momentous occasion of his existence. Forget Scott becoming a werewolf, forget Lydia becoming a friend, forget almost being eviscerated by a power-hungry monster and watching someone he thought hated him murder that vicious creature before his very eyes. This is the most significant. (He won’t trivialize his mom’s death, so it’s not --- it’s just not in the list. And he knows he shouldn’t trivialize Scott’s ordeal either, but Stiles isn’t always the nicest of guys.) ]

Ugh. I am not down with this.

I like that Derek is starting to stand up to Peter.

Ooh, this scene.


Scott's little face is freaking killing me. Posey's looking so hot this season so far.

Stiles, sweetheart, really?

DEATON, YOU MOTHERFUCKER. "Do you want me to answer honestly?" should be the thing he says every episode (a la: "you must be Ned Stark's bastard"/"you know nothing Jon Snow".)

Obligatory shirtlessness. Nice, Daniel.

I really do like that red shirt Derek's working.

Now I know why Daniel was complaining. I had no idea this scene would be this long.

Stiles has been really arrogant (and flirty) towards Derek these last two episodes.

I like that the Sheriff is not at all surprised by S squared being here in Stiles' bedroom together. (I am sad they're not cuddled up together.)

Stiles' look of utter fondness, ugh.

OH YEAH. STILES AND DEREK DON'T INTERACT IN THE FIRST EPISODES AT ALL. Talk about misleading fucking information. Jesus. :D :D :D (So many fisting fics gonna happen. So many.)

Derek is still being too violent towards Stiles for me to ship them, ship them. (I do ship them. Just. Not exact canon them.)

Awww. Derek just punched him and he's still willing to lay his life on the line. Stiiiiiles.

Scott! ♥


Allison, my clever, wonderful girl.

That isn't Erica?

Yeah. Peter still clearly enjoys Stiles. I wish I disliked that more than I do. (I think Peter is a horrible person and I can't justify what he's done, but he's an interesting character and his interplay with others is cool to watch.)

Nice silhouette.

Aaaahahaha, the huge print out of stuff. <333

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? WHAAAAAAAT? OMFG. WHAT? (I honestly did not see that coming. Successful avoidance of spoilers, right there.)

Wow, Allison, super helpful, yelling 'look out'. How come Teen Wolf characters are brilliant one moment, doofuses the next?

Cool stunt. :D


11th-Jun-2013 01:18 pm (UTC)
I love reading these as I have absolutely no idea what's going on :D
11th-Jun-2013 01:21 pm (UTC)
That's exactly why I write them this way :D I've gone back and reread my liveblogs and gone, "nope. no idea what this episode was about. none at all."
11th-Jun-2013 01:22 pm (UTC)
By the way, you would have NO PATIENCE for Teen Wolf. Not even a little.
11th-Jun-2013 08:27 pm (UTC)
Whereas I keep wondering what you'd think of Fringe (I'm now halfway through final season) and am desperate for you to watch it.

Oh! And Matt was given the Due South box set for his birthday so we've been watching that a lot recently. Just started the last season and we can't understand why lovely original Ray has been replaced with a Cylon.
12th-Jun-2013 12:33 am (UTC)
I think Peter and Stiles get the best lines.
12th-Jun-2013 01:04 am (UTC)
Your fic beginning. *___*

Peter still clearly enjoys Stiles. I wish I disliked that more than I do.

ahaaahaha, me too. but you already know I like horrible people, so I only feel SOMEWHAT guilty for liking him. ;D

(as for Stiles in the beginning, yes, you had the correct reaction. reactions wherein people call Heather a slutty whore that hopefully did die because how dare she touch "my man/Derek's man"? the wrong reaction.)
12th-Jun-2013 07:32 am (UTC)
People actually said that? What the fuck? People continue to mystify me.

(The above story ended up with Stiles/Derek and still no sex, bwaahaha.)
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