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Living Loz
Teeeeeeen wolf... 
4th-Jun-2013 05:56 pm

HAHAHAHAHA. Oh, man. Not the best special effects I've ever seen, show.

Gratuitous shirtlessness, of course.

Oh, dude, that theory I read was correct. Creepy.

I love this girl so far. She is awesome.

The new credits could be even more different, I think. Posey's is strange. Did they remake Dyl's just with him having longer hair? It annoys my that Crystal is still kissing Posey. And that Holland is screaming for part of hers. I thought Daniel had become a main player?

Posey's fucking smile, guys. Kills me every time.

Tattoo artist who knows his shit. <3333

I love that Stiles is saying he's squeamish, then he's fascinated, then he's fainting.

"Thank God, I hated it. ... sorry." HAHAHAHAHAHAH. <333333333

Adorable joke.

Oh wow. [Plot thing!]

Melissa <333

Scott, excercising his body and his mind. WORD OF THE DAY! Eeeeee, oh Scott, Scott, Scott.

Argents! Stilinskis!

I love that Scott and Stiles have been together so much in this episode. BrOTP!

Melissa & Papa Stilinski <333

Oooh, new teacher! I like her a lot!


Upsetting lack of Derek in the first part of this episode.

I don't understand why Isaac ended up in the Operating Theatre at all...

YAY DEREK. :D <3333

Snarky Derek. Hahahaha. I love that whoever it is that sets up these shots decides this is Hoechlin's best angle for delivering lines. It IS always dramatic and awesome (even if it's also cheesy.)

Stiles, do not get a crush on your teacher.

Posey is a markedly better actor this series. Hoechlin? ... jury's out.

Stiles winking at Derek will be used in every fanvid ever made from now on.

Awwww, Scott. Also; sympathetic Derek. This is new.

This scene :( (I also --- I find it annoyingly in the way.)

I am going to be so pissed off if they introduce this character and then immediately kill her.

Deucalion has the best voice.

SERIOUSLY? FUCK YOU, SHOW. FUCK YOU. She really better not be dead.

Overall: I liked it!

ETA: Are they really not going to mention that Stiles has grown his hair out?

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