Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

The Cat Empire - Steal the Light, a livetweet:

Loz ‏@lozenger8 39m
I haven't had a good chance to listen to the whole of The Cat Empire's new album "Steal the Light" yet, but what I have heard I've liked!

Loz ‏@lozenger8 39m
"Sleep Won't Sleep" so far is my favourite, because it's a proper cha cha track. (ETA: Actually, I think it may be a salsa track. Uhm.)

Loz ‏@lozenger8 34m
Oh wow, I am so far also loving "Go". I am wondering if Harry has learned how to sing. I kind of miss his old singing, tbh.

Loz ‏@lozenger8 31m
"Open Up Your Face" makes basically no sense, but it's really beautiful. #apparentlylivetweeting #notgoingtorefertoitas #analbum #damn

Loz ‏@lozenger8 28m
"Like a Drum" is another awesome dance track. Oh my gosh, I will have so much fun next time they perform live in Adelaide :D

Loz ‏@lozenger8 18m
"Wild Animals" is ADORABLE. This record is awesome. It's just a great collection of music from around the world you want to move to.

Loz ‏@lozenger8 18m
Also, Harry really is singing about 9 times better than he used to in the past.

And it concludes:

Loz ‏@lozenger8 12m
THIS RECORD IS MY LIFE. Just. Go buy The Cat Empire - Steal the Light if you like music to move to + lots of instruments played awesomely.
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