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Living Loz
The killing moon will come too soon... 
11th-Dec-2012 07:25 pm
Loz Cola
I just need to do this where it won't spoil anyone. Regarding the preview for Dexter's season finale...

SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER. I've been hoping for a Doakes cameo since Dex started seeing Rudy again. I. just. yessssssss.

I've loved this series, but then, I loved last series too, and apparently everyone else thought it was crap and that Colin Hanks was bad (I disagree, I thought he was awesome.) Yvonne Strahovski has been amazing. And I adored Ray Stevenson as Isaac. Dexter is one of those shows that, even when it sometimes strays, remains utterly watchable for me.

11th-Dec-2012 05:08 pm (UTC)
Much excitement here too. Just so many feelings. :D

This season has been heading the way I always hoped the show would end. And if things continue the way they look to be it's the next season, with everyone's reactions, that I'm really looking forward to.

Also I cannot wait for the return of Doakes - I've been hoping that would happen since I first heard the title for the finale. Greatest episode title ever. :D

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