Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Spoilers for 5.06...

My two comments about Merlin this week are as follows (these were going to be tweets, but then I realised the spoilerificness of them):

Why is this show so determined to fuck up even the things it gets right?

Did it occur to no one that it's HARMFUL that ALL the white guys survive everything always and the single black guy dies from a minor wound? That it's irresponsible that this then helps steer his sister into becoming a villain?

(There is a lot more I could say --- about how this episode was appallingly written anyway. Appallingly written. But this is the point that really sticks out for me.

Because one of the great things I could say about Merlin was that it cast two POCs despite people complaining erroneously that it would be inaccurate, and now they raze that great thing to the ground. DOUCHEWANKS.)

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