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Living Loz
26th-Oct-2012 07:42 am
Dave Foley (Classic)
I just woke up from a dream in which a co-worker was looking at a magazine with a picture of Tom Hiddleston. She asked who he was and I enthusiastically answered that he's an English actor who does a really funny Alan Rickman impression. She continued to look confused and I was aghast.

The thing is? I don't care about Tom Hiddleston. He seems like a nice enough fellow, but I haven't watched too many interviews with him and I'm not particularly bothered about him one way or the other. Or so I thought. It's a little worrying that this guy is infiltrating the subconscious of even the most unsuspecting members of society.

Also, haha, my subconscious. Reminding me once again of my ability to be surrounded by people who are the opposite of like-minded.
26th-Oct-2012 12:18 am (UTC)
It happens to the best of us. He's kind of like Teen Wolf. First you don't understand why all these otherwise rational people are losing their shit over it and then you've watched both seasons in a week and cry when you see a gif of Stiles. I blame tumblr.

And I'm probably too amused by the fact that your subconscious is kind of a buzzkill. Even there, people just don't get fandom.
26th-Oct-2012 05:42 am (UTC)
26th-Oct-2012 03:03 pm (UTC)

Seriously, it has all these elements that don't appeal to me individually, like teens and wolves, but somehow this show just makes me happy. I ship everyone with everyone. I think Scott and Alison are adorable when they are happy together and I am genuinely invested in their relationship, I think Stiles is rightly the fandom darling because he's amazing, I think Derek is the best, most melodramatic character I have seen in a long time (He lives in a burned out house! He does shirtless pushups in his burned out doorframe! He never walks onscreen, he just lurks and appears!), and I really just have feelings about all the characters from the Hales to the Argents to Lydia, so much for Lydia, and I just don't understand why. I didn't need another show to swoon over, Teen Wolf. This is very inconvenient timing.
26th-Oct-2012 11:56 pm (UTC)
Yep, that is me exactly. I really didn't think I'd end up loving it so much. I was curious because there was this huge fandom clearly developing, and taurenova had mentioned it the season before. shadowhuntress kept posting amazing gifs, too. I read some fic first, which I almost never do, and it completely gave me a skewed idea of what the show and characters would be like (because a lot of the fic I read was radical AU, haha.)

And the show is ten times better than I ever thought it would be. There hasn't been an episode where I've gone "oh, I hated everything that happened here". There've been some I don't adore, but I tend to get something from each one. Like you, I see why Stiles is the darling, but I also LOVE Scott. I started out thinking he was frustratingly prone to doing dim things, but after S2 I find myself appreciating all of his moments in S1 that got clouded over by his Allison obsession. (The obsession annoyed me, them actually together did not. They are ADORABLE.) And I LOVE Melissa, and the Sheriff and Deaton and Victoria and Chris Argent. I even love to hate Kate and Peter. I pretty much just hated Gerard.
28th-Oct-2012 04:24 am (UTC)
Exactly. It's a show that didn't have to be this good and yet somehow is. And I love Scott, he's so ridiculous and sweet and surprisingly capable and stupid at the same time. Much like the show itself, it's a strangely endearing mixture.

But seriously the best thing for me is the balance of high stakes and ridiculous camp. Like in S1 when Chris Argent is threatening Derek by washing his car windshield. Or Jackson saying, "I drive a Jaguar" all intimidatingly. Or the way Derek never walks on screen, he just appears. Or literally anything Peter Hale says. I feel like all the grownups on this show are in a contest to see who can eat the most scenery and I love it so. It's not so crazy that the show loses its emotional impact, but it is incredibly enjoyable.
26th-Oct-2012 04:57 am (UTC)
The best Alan Rickman impression I've ever seen was done by Emma Thompson in Stranger Than Fiction. In the early scenes where she's wearing pyjamas and smoking too much, she's Rickman to the life.
26th-Oct-2012 05:43 am (UTC)
Hahah, yes.
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