Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I am, at heart, a misanthrope...

If there's one thing training and development with strangers teaches me, it's how much I dislike people.

Okay. This isn't fair. I clearly don't dislike all people. But my judgemental side does seem to flourish when I am expected to interact with others in a professional setting.

I'm here to learn how to moderate. I don't want to hear your bitching about the difficulties of assessment. We all know assessment is difficult, it's why we're here. Why aren't we doing any actual moderating?

And the pushiness of some people is offputting, too. I'm really not a domineering type, despite the fact I'm a teacher, and I automatically want to shrink when I encounter people who are. I tend to become even quieter than usual. (Which is when this type typically like to push me more.)

This will be me, failing at basic social skills yet again. Ugh.

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