Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Arthur's bane...

Merlin 5.02.

Let's see if I enjoy it more liveblogging.

So far in this episode we have a) bad CGI, b) Arthur being a douche, c) Merlin being a douche, d) a somewhat interesting Mordred.

Okay, I was worried for a moment there. That was better.

Merlin and Arthur working together is kind of great.

Okay, so this is, like, four times now that Merlin has used magic openly in front of Arthur without him being unconscious. At this point on Arthur's part, it has to be wilful ignorance.

"I love your optimism." = ♥

This is too creepy, sorry. The shirtlessness is aces, but the CGI of this creature, as well as the creature design, make it weird and uncomfortable.

The guards in Camelot suck badly.

Gwen has been delightfully BAMFy this episode.

ARTHUR IS ALWAYS WAY TOO DELIGHTED IN MERLIN'S MISERY. Like, seriously. His level of joy is wildly disproportionate.

I have to say, Col's accent is back to normal this series so far.

More shirtlessness. I think maybe Sir Percival should always be shirtless from now on. Much like Derek Hale, he should choose shirtlessness as a cromulent way of life.

I love how she recognises him, even though he looks absolutely nothing like he did as a child. At least Merlin had clues.

Nicely nuanced characterisation for Morgana there I see. Oh no, wait, sorry, I mean the opposite of what I say.

Oh, Aithusa. :(

Arthur going after Merlin, n'awww.

How come the great dragon speaks English and Aithusa doesn't? Oh wow, they actually brought it up in the episode. It's a plot point.

Hah. Of course. Predictable plot is predictable.

You know, I wish I could believe Mordred. The actor who's playing him is awesome. Some really nice fine expression work going on there in that scene with Merlin. (And I refuse to think that there was UST in that scene... except there was a hell of a lot of UT and touching, so.)

This was still not brilliant, but I liked it slightly more than last week, so, huh, it turns out the liveblog and close to the screen things are requisites.

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