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Living Loz
Social Media... 
11th-Oct-2012 07:55 pm
Loz Cola
One of the reasons twitter is amazing on occasion: I just read a twitter conversation in which Dean Andrews (Ray in Life on Mars) schooled Tim Minchin (aka, one of my favourite comedians) on not going to say hi at the stage door to his fans. Tim's playing Judas in the latest run of Jesus Christ Superstar.

It was kind of wonderful to see. They were both relatively respectful of one another, though Deano was his typical cheeky self. Tim made a blanket apology on twitter for not going and signing/saying hello, because he needs to preserve his voice and Dean called him out on it, saying that Tim should do the fans who've travelled miles to see him the kindness. I don't think Dean knew that Tim hasn't had a whole lot of vocal coaching, which is where you'd learn techniques to ensure you're not straining your voice. Tim responded abruptly to begin with, but then Deano explained further that he could tell by Tim apologising that it's not his preference --- he thought it was a contract issue --- and oh, ♥. Of people I never, ever, ever would have expected to see have any kind of conversation, Tim and Deano are pretty high up on the list, and it was really interesting to see it happen.

I don't really know who I agree with more. I can say that when I've been teaching for a week, despite the fact I've had some vocal coaching, my throat is sore and while I can still sing, it can become scratchy.

Meanwhile, John Simm is a) still tweeting!!! and b) right this minute tweeting about the Rolling Stones' latest single. Which is so, so much better than the last single of theirs I remember --- "Has Anybody Seen My Baby" --- which I still catch myself singing occasionally. It's far more classic Stones.
13th-Oct-2012 12:19 am (UTC)
I was gutted when Barrowman wasn't doing stage door at the time I saw him in Panto, but he was having major throat issues and obviously his main concern was to the full audience, which I can understand.
14th-Oct-2012 12:49 am (UTC)
Yeah, I think I'd be sad, but that I'd also understand.
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