Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

2012: the year of Loz rage or apathy quitting many tv shows...

I realised today that I've ditched about seven shows this year. That is very, very rare for me. If I get into something to the point where I've made a concerted effort to watch it (which is almost everything I watch because I don't tend to watch it through conventional means), I'll generally stick by it.

But this year? No. There've been several shows I gave up on, a few more that I've let pile up so that I could mainline them (of which there are a few I have now mainlined and a few I can't build up the will to do so.)

And it got me wondering --- what is it about these shows that's lost their appeal? If I cared about them once, why don't I care about them now?

So that had me questioning if anyone else on my friendslist has recently rage or apathy quit a show and their reasoning behind doing so.

Friendslist, have you recently rage or apathy quit a show? Are you on the verge of doing so? And if so, why?
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