Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

What a fool to imagine that you'd feel the same...

A while ago on twitter taurenova mentioned a While You Were Sleeping Teen Wolf AU, with Stiles in Sandra Bullock's role, Peter in Peter Gallagher's, Derek in Bill Pullman's.

Something you may not know is that it's my all-time favourite romantic film, (with Sabrina being second; hey, Loz, funny that,) so, my first reaction was 'OMG YES'. But I saw it the other way around, with Derek in Sandra's role, Scott in Peter's and Stiles in Bill's. (My thinking was that Papa Stilinski and Melissa had married and a wacky hybrid family was formed, with, like, visiting cousins and a Grandma Stilinski who is adorable and astute.) And since then, I have wanted to write it. Kind of desperately.

Listening to this song on repeat ten times a day sure hasn't helped. It is absolutely the soundtrack to this fic.

I really need to finish my Sabrina fic first, and since when did I become that fanwriter? I don't know what it is about Teen Wolf that makes me want to write all of these direct homages. I'm usually that writer who strives to be halfway original and bucks convention. But not here, oh no. Here I sit, imagining poor little Derek during the holidays digging himself deeper in a trench of lies and falling for the step-brother of the werewolf he's been fascinated with for months.

... I've fallen and I can't get up.
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