Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Timpani banging...

This originally comes from ladyfoxxx and I copied it from eledhwenlin, because apparently, when you do one meme, you open the floodgates for another ten.

You know when you get that first idea for a fic, all shiny and exciting and you immediately latch onto ONE scene or ONE moment that you desperately want to write? Sometimes you write thousands of words JUST so you can write that ONE scene or moment?

Well that's what happens to me, anyway. OFTEN. So I did a quick poll earlier on Twitter and it appears I am not alone in this. And now I am desperately interested to know what everyone else's key scenes/moments in fic are.

So! Ask me about any of my fics (Majority of LoM fic, other fannish fic, most recent other fandom stuff at AO3) and I'll tell you what my key scene was and whether anyone noticed it and then link me to your master list so you tell me about one of yours! What was that scene you wanted to write in a particular fic? Did it come out the way you thought it would? Did it end up being a key scene, or just another scene? Was it a scene a lot of people commented on? Did you (GASP) need to cut the scene out of the fic in the end? ;___;.

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