Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Continued love/hate relationship...

Matthew Graham has a new show in the pipeline, with Fox. (Thanks to talkingtothesky for bringing this to my attention.)

On the one hand, I want to be all: GO MATT! I thought you had a movie coming up next, but this is an amazing opportunity, and I know you could do well, if you put your mind and effort into it. I want this to be successful for you, because somehow I have this ridiculous fondness for you and everything you choose to be, even when what you choose to be goes against all of my common sense, morals and over-developed often hypocritical integrity.

On the other: OH GOD, MATT, THIS SOUNDS SO TERRIBLE. ABORT. ABORT. I HOPE YOU CHANGE THAT RUBBISH FUCKING TITLE. USE ANOTHER SONG LYRIC IF YOU HAVE TO. URIAH HEEP. CALL IT SOMETHING MORE LIKE "TRAVELER IN TIME", YOU BLOODY FOOL. (And yes, it is ALL CAPS in my mind. Also, who can resist something that could so easily be a terrible pun? Because the 'in time' means 'quick enough', since it's more parallel worlds, though one would think there's some time element, given the shitty working title.)

On the third, mutant hand: I can't actually see this being successful. First: it's being picked up by Fox. Fox, who screwed around with Joss Whedon, not once, up at least twice. Second: I really think Matt's best work is when he's quintessentially English. Like Chris Chibnall, his SF cred isn't really all that credible. It's certainly not incredible. What he does brilliantly is mundanity and reality of character. His inspiring moments are his quiet ones, not the forced Americanised flash he sometimes engages in. Even if this is popular (and with a title like "Para Time"? Please God change that), I don't know if it will be good. Not the brilliance he's created before. Eternal Law was always charming and I loved it --- but it was its Englishness that was charming and lovable. The everything else was a bit shit, which is why it never found its audience.

In short: I want this to be great and do well for Matt's sake, but my alarm bells are ringing loud and clear that I don't want to bet any money it will. Also, there doesn't appear to be any Ashley involvement, which makes me a sad fan, because even though I no longer adore every word Ash writes, he does often make Matt better, rein his overenthusiasm a little.
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