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At my school we've been working on gathering student feedback to help inform our practice.

So I set up a 'parking lot' for my class with a question something like "did this lesson help you in thinking about how to tell the time?"* two options; yes and no. Kids were to write their names under the column that represented their opinion. And, man. At first, my kids were brutal. Like, literally, the lesson had only just begun, and they started to write in the 'no' column. Apparently, telling 7 and 8 year olds you won't be offended if they say 'no' leads to them gleefully saying no. Towards the end of the lesson, most had changed to 'yes', though, which is heartening. Three stayed at no.

Thankfully, when asking why they were negative, the offending students' reasoning was stupid. :D (Or rather, it was a typical mixture of "this was too easy" from the kid who thinks he knows everything, "this was boring" from the kid who basically had no idea what we were doing and "some of it was good, but other bits were not good" from the kid who can never make up his mind about anything.)

*I worded the question similarly to this because I'm not expecting my students to be perfect at reading a clock at this stage, they're developing. But I didn't want to use the word developing. I think I worded it better than this, but I can't brain at 2.35 in the morning. I just began thinking of this occurrence then and decided to post about it.
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