Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I find these little creatures adorable... (spiders or kids? you decide!)

Decided to show my students the peacock spider video set to music today, as we're learning the information report genre in English/Science on another spider. I'd pre-watched the first two minutes and only intended to show those two minutes. Anyway, I got caught up marking spelling work, and suddenly I hear,

"Why's he climbing on top of her?"

"He's trying to eat her!"

Now, I didn't know for sure how peacock spiders actually mate, but since I was showing them a video that was all about a mating ritual? My immediate reaction was: OMG. BETTER TURN THIS OFF NOW.

Cue: "Laura, why was he climbing on top of her?"

"... I think they were playing tag..."

Meanwhile, S, one of my sweetest students goes, "I think we need to rename the peacock spider."

"Oh yes? What to?"

"The disco spider!"

\o/ My students, everyone.
Tags: life stuff, teaching

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