Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

This is my job, and it's fine, it's where I spend the vast majority of my time...

It turns out you do need more than three hours sleep in order to successfully teach. So many things went wrong today. Not even adding 'so many things' in capitals properly conveys the abundant ways today went wrong. I thought I was perfectly organised. And I was, really. I had everything I needed to have. I thought I gave my instructions clearly --- but this is where everything went to hell. And this happened in both English and Maths.

... I did make the mistake of trying to do two new super-interactive tasks during both sessions. It's like I don't know any better. ('But Loz', my inner demon voice said, 'you're so organised! You have everything you need to have!') Except, of course, students who listen. There was one point I was so frustrated, there was one of the girls looking at me all worried and disappointed in herself, and I properly said, "yes! yes you should be looking ashamed! because I was standing here telling you exactly what you needed to do and you didn't listen!" Way to go, Loz.

There is a reason people in this profession: a) regularly have vocal breakdowns, b) regularly have mental breakdowns.
Tags: life stuff, teaching

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